• What can you expect?

    Our Nannies take over all the care for your little one at night. They care for your child at night: rocking, comforting, feeding, changing and anything else that might be needed during the night.


    This way, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep or go out again.


    Curious about other parents’ experiences? Let us know, and we’ll put you in touch with one of our families.

  • Personal selection of nannies​

    Our Nannies study child- or healthcare-related topics, have two (infant-care) references, a background check and a government-certified certificate of conduct (VOG) and have certification in Baby and Child First Aid and care. We select them personally because of their motivation, experience, interests and expertise. But also because of the joy that they have for caring for infants and children.

    Choice of Nannies & Senior and Pro Nannies​

    With us, you can select from Nannies & Senior and Pro Nannies.

    A good match​

    We think it’s important that the Nanny is a good fit for your family. After the intake, we pick the most suitable nanny (or nannies) and introduce them to you.


    We want to emphasise that the earlier the nights are booked, the more likely it is that we can guarantee the same nanny or nannies. We always strive to provide you with consistent and high-quality service!

    Personal attention​

    After each night, the nanny will update you on how the night went with your little one. When and how much your baby drank, how many nappies were changed and if there was any colic. So you know precisely how the night went. If there are two nannies, they will also keep in touch with and update each other. We will also maintain regular contact with you to ensure that everything is going according to your wishes.

    Simple and easy administration

    We try to make the administration as simple as possible. You will therefore receive one simple overview each month of all the relevant nights booked. You’ll also receive just one invoice per month. You pay the nanny immediately after the babysitting session.