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    Review L. Hellemons (mother of 2 not sleeping children)

    We have 2 children that kept us awake at home and therefore wanted a night-nanny to get some sleep. However, Chantal (thankfully!) recommended a sleep coach so that we didn't have a short-term solution, but finally sleep in the long term. I was always a bit skeptical about sleep coaches, I'd read all the books and always thought I could just ramble on what to do, but I'm super glad we did. We really needed someone to come to us to break the established routines because with sleep deprivation you simply go for the fastest way. I've been sleeping with my 6-month-old daughter in bed for 2 months who had trouble sleeping because of eczema and ingrained routines and my boyfriend slept in the room with our 2-year-old son on a mattress because he didn't dare to sleep alone anymore. Going to bed was a drama of hours and every night we dreaded the night. With Pauline it immediately felt good. She is very respectful and sweet to the children and to us and also not in favor of the cry-out method. It was very nice that someone came into our house to help at night and to really look closely at what the right method and need is for a child. I immediately felt familiar with Pauline and let her spend the nights with our daughter with confidence. I could go in the attic with earplugs and slept wonderfully. The constant approach also helped a lot. Our daughter slept in her own room within a few days, woke up less during the night and after a week it turned out that she no longer needed night feeds at all. Our son immediately fell in love with Pauline, she came as a "sleep fairy" with "sleep cream" and dream spray" and he thought it was all fantastic. Within 3 evenings the drama of going to bed had turned into a 15 minute ritual and no more tears when the lamp goes out. And now a few weeks later the nights are (almost) quiet. If things go wrong after that, we could also call Pauline, really nice and effective sleep coaching! I am no longer skeptical, but give everyone with poorly sleeping children a Pauline.


    Review F. Bietrix (alleenstaande moeder van een baby van 2 maanden)

    Nannies at night has been a life saver. As a single parent I did not only need to sleep but also to find kindness and reassurance me and my baby were doing well. We found both with Nannie’s at night. Reliable, professionnel, sweet and friendly. I highly recommend their services


    My name is Pauline, and I am married with a daughter and two sons. After living and working in Australia for 14 years, we have now returned to the Netherlands.


    For as long as I can remember, I have been involved with, alongside, and working with children. In Australia, I had the privilege of assisting families during challenging moments in their lives, offering them the extra support they needed. I have worked with families of twins or triplets, large families, and parents with newborn babies. As a nanny, I provided support to parents, and as a doula, I assisted during childbirth.


    My greatest passion lies in supporting parents in sleep training their babies and children. I am an internationally certified advanced sleep coach by ISSC and recognized by the International Association IACSC. I have also completed and delivered various courses such as prenatal and baby yoga, massage lessons, and the Circle of Security.


    Contributing to the well-being of parents and their children is immensely rewarding to me. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than helping care for little ones. I see my service as an emotional embrace for the parent(s). With my cheerful personality and expertise, I hope to assist other parents, and I always look forward to the next opportunity.

    Success Stories

    Review J. Fontein (GP and mother of a girl)

    In January I became the mother of a beautiful daughter. In addition to the beautiful moments, it is also a huge rollercoaster in which you end up. Broken nights with a daughter who doesn't want to sleep is really hard. When I couldn't anymore, Nannies at Night came by. After an intake, I was advised to also ask a coach for advice. Two days later, Pauline was sitting on the couch with me. What a relief. So much peace and positivity. Clear in her advice. Always available for consultation. Within a week my daughter was sleeping in her own room and there was a rhythm! Unbelievable, with a few tips and some perseverance. In addition, Pauline came to take over the care for 2 nights. What a peace that gave. Just sleep for two nights, no worries. All this makes me a much nicer and better mother! Exactly what it took to continue in good spirits. Ring the bell in time and don't be ashamed. Nannies at Night is truly a breath of fresh air. (translated)

    Review L. Weeteling (mother of a 1 year old girl who didn't sleep)

    In bad periods I had to get out every 1.5 hours to get my 1 year old daughter back to sleep. We knew something had to change and made some attempts as well (with the advice of a sleep coach). We were just too tired to continue. When we really got tired of it, there was Pauline from Nannies at Night, our sleep whisperer. With a plan in her pocket, she took over the care of our daughter for three nights. We found it very exciting and our daughter got very angry at first, but Pauline reassured us and stayed with her for three nights. It got better every night. Even after that, Pauline continued to be involved and give advice from a distance. So nice, because a few weeks later the relapse came. Something about vaccinations and teething, which caused us to fall back into our old pattern. With the help of Pauline and one night a nanny, our daughter slept through quickly. Going to bed is no longer a struggle. At night everyone sleeps and during the day we have a lot more energy, a real relief.


    Review S. Park (mother of a 6 month old baby)To be honest i was a bit skeptical but we got so desperate at month 6 with our second born who we tried to sleep train ourselves with little success. He would scream for hours and hours on end. He was different from our firstborn who we successfully sleep trained ourselves within a few days. We just did the first package and Pauline came over for the consultation. She helped us identify a few things to work on. Pretty similar to what the books and blogs say. But she really gave us the confidence to do what we knew we needed to do. It was nice to be able to text and call her anytime and get her advice and encouragement. Within two weeks my kid went from waking nonstop every 1-2-3 hours to 9-10 hours a night with one or two wakings. Which was a definite improvement. She helped reassure us that we weren't messing up our kid when we picked him up. And just overall was truly a coach to give you recommendations and advice. Yes there was some crying involved , alot actually but we've come a loooong way in a short period of time. Thank you Pauline and N@N!

Terms & Conditions
July 2023
Nannies at Night, with its registered office at 1013 JB in Amsterdam (Chamber of Commerce number: 88769062)              
Considering that:                                                                                 
Nannies at Night mediates in the realization of a mediation agreement (“Agreement”) to be concluded between the parent(s) and / or guardian(s) and / or caregiver(s) (“Parent”) and babysitter (“Nanny”) ). Based on the Agreement to be concluded, a Nanny will - repeatedly if required - be provided at the Parent's request by Nannies at Night who provides babysitting services for children.
The Nanny and Nannies at Night expressly do not intend to conclude an employment contract regarding the babysitting services provided by the Nanny.
Article 1. Definitions                                                                                   
In these conditions, the following definitions shall apply: 
a. Nannies at Night: VOF with its registered office at 1013 JV in Amsterdam, listed in the Chamber of Commerce trade register under number 88769062. 
b. Parent: the Parent(s) and / or guardian(s) and / or caregiver(s) who make use of the services of Nannies at Night and are registered as such with Nannies at Night.
c. Nanny: the person who, due to mediation of Nannies at Night, performs, or is going to perform, babysitting activities for the Parent.
d. Nanny request: request submitted through the registration form by the Parent, which can be downloaded from the Nannies at Night website. 
e. Agreement: a mediation agreement to be concluded between the Parent and Nannies at Night entailing the provision of babysitting services. 
f. Match: a connection between the Parent and Nanny, established through mediation of Nannies at Night, after which babysitting services shall be provided by the Nanny to the Parent.
g. Network: all Nannies registered at Nannies at Night, which are approached by Nannies at Night when a Parent makes a request for babysitting services.
h. Babysitting Service: looking after the child of the Parent who is registered with Nannies at Night
i. Application Form: the Parent registers with Nannies at Night using the appropriate registration form ton the Nannies at Night website.
j. Intake: after the Parent registers via the Application Form, an official online introduction takes place between the Parent and Nannies at Night.
k. Registration: after the Parent has agreed to the proposal and the general terms and conditions, the Parent is registered with Nannies at Night.
Article 2. General
2.1 The Parent must fill out the official Application Form to be registered with Nannies at Night. 
2.2 The registration fee is a single payment of 50 euros. The Intake via a video call is included.
2.3 The Parent informs Nannies at Night at least 7 days in advance on which nights babysitting services are required and whether a Nanny is required on a regular basis. Please inform us by telephone or send an e-mail to: eef@nanniesatnight.com or chantal@nanniesatnight.com. 
2.4 The Nanny is responsible for leaving the house in the same condition it was in when she arrived. Please contact Nannies at Night in case you have any complaints. 
2.5 The Parent will not, without the knowledge of Nannies at Night, schedule appointments with a Nanny who provides babysitting services for Nannies at Night.
2.6.a Babysitting Services during the night last at least 9 hours.
2.6.b Babysitting Services during the evening last at least 3 hours.
2.7 Nannies at Night offers three types of nannies: nannies, senior nannies and pro nannies.

Article 3. Liability and insurance
3.1 Nannies at Night is not responsible for damage of any kind (including, but not limited to direct and indirect damage, immaterial or material damage) arising from accidents caused by children, the Nanny or third parties during Babysitting Services. The Parent and Nanny are responsible for taking out a liability insurance.
3.2 Babysitting Services are to be used at one's own risk for both the Parent and the Nanny.
3.3 Both the Nanny and the parent(s) indemnify Nannies at Night against any liability arising from damage caused by the Nanny (as referred to under 3.1); the Nanny is responsible for her own actions during Babysitting Services and shall compensate the parents for any caused damage.
3.4 Nannies at Night is not responsible or liable for any arrangements made between the Parent and the Nanny.
Article 4. Execution of the agreement
4.1 Nannies at Night mediates regarding one or more agreements to be entered into by the Parent and the Nanny. 
Article 5. Payments                                                                                                   
5.1.a The Nanny shall receive a fixed gross hourly rate of 12 euros for 1 child.
5.1.b The Senior Nanny shall receive a fixed gross hourly rate of 15 euros for 1 child.  5.1.c The Pro Nanny shall receive a fixed gross hourly rate of 18 euros for 1 child.
5.1d. If there is more than one child, the Nanny, Senior Nanny and Pro Nanny shall receive 2 euros extra per hour per child.
5.2. The following rates apply for the three types of nannies when babysitting 1 child
5.3 Nannies at Night is not responsible for the actual payment, since the agreement is conducted between the Nanny and the Parent. It is up to the Parent to determine whether payment is done in cash, by bank transfer or otherwise at a time mutually agreed with the Nanny.
5.4 The Nanny works according to the Dutch Regeling Dienstverlening aan Huis (Home Services Regulations). The agreement to be concluded between the Nanny and the Parent shall therefore meet the legal requirements set by the Dutch Home Services regulations. Please contact the Dutch Tax Authorities for more information on the Dutch Regeling Dienstverlening aan Huis (Home Services Regulations). 
5.5 Unless agreed otherwise, a payment period of 14 days applies for Parents who receive an invoice. 
5.6 Nannies at Night sends an overview of the nights booked at the end of the month as well as an invoice stating the relevant booking costs.
5.7 If the invoice is not paid in time, the Parent shall receive a payment.
5.8 Nannies at Night is entitled to charge collection costs two weeks after the payment reminder. 
5.9 On the official holidays: Christmas (24, 25 and 26 December), New Year's Eve (31 December), Easter and King's Day (27 April), the nanny receives 200% of the hourly rate.
Article 6. Cancellation
6.1 In the event of illness, the Nanny shall notify Nannies at Night and the Parent by telephone on the day of the scheduled Babysitting Services before noon. 
6.2.a The Parent may cancel Babysitting Services free of charge at least 7 days before the start of the service. 
6.2.b If the Parent cancels Babysitting Services between 7 days and 24 hours in advance, the Parent shall pay the Nanny a minimum of three hours per booked shift.
6.2.c If the Parent cancels Babysitting Services less than 24 hours in advance, the Parent shall pay the Nanny a minimum of six hours per booked shift.
6.3 In case of cancellation within 24 hours before the start of the first booked night after the Intake, Nannies at Night will charge the registration fee of €50.
Article 7. Privacy               
7.1. Nannies at Night maintains a database that contains data of the Parent. The Parent shall provide permission for the registration of data in the aforementioned database. These data shall be treated confidentially and shall not be distributed or used for purposes other than those related to the provision of Babysitting Services.
7.2. The Parent provides personal details upon registration. The Parent authorizes Nannies at Night to use these personal data for the purpose of providing Babysitting Services, for further optimizing its services and for informing the Parent about Nannies at Night.
7.3 We create files with relevant information for each family that requests Babysitting Services. This file is forwarded to the Nanny in order for her to have access to all relevant information regarding the Babysitting Services to be performed by her.
Article 8. Modification of terms and conditions                                                                                                          
8.1. Nannies at Night reserves the right to alter the general terms and conditions and to declare the altered terms and conditions applicable to existing agreements. Nannies at Night shall timely announce the modification(s) to the Parent(s). The modification shall take effect 30 days after the modification is announced by email.
8.2. If the Parent does not agree with any modification to the present general terms and conditions, the Parent may - up until the date on which the new general terms and conditions take effect - terminate the agreement with immediate effect. 
Article 9. Other provisions                                                                                                              
9.1 The Nanny shall handle private data and private matters that take place in the family's home in a proper manner. Taking photos and / or videos and distributing them on the internet (in particular on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) is expressly not permitted.
9.2 It is forbidden to smoke or use other (narcotic) drugs in the presence of the children (including, but not limited to, alcohol and any form of cannabis or other drugs).
9.3 The Nanny is not permitted to bring persons along or to have them visit during Babysitting.
9.4 The Parent shall immediately report any conflicts that she has with the Nanny and / or any dissatisfaction she experiences.
9.5 A meeting between both parties shall be scheduled if Nannies at Night finds that the Nanny is not performing or has not performed her work properly. If Nannies at Night remains of the opinion that the Nanny is not functioning properly , the existing agreement can be unilaterally terminated by Nannies at Night, without observing a notice period and / or compensation.
9.6 The Nanny is responsible solely for the registered children. This means that when an 'unregistered' child is placed under the supervision of the Nanny, the parent of this child is always ultimately responsible.
Article 10. Fine clause                                                                                                               
10.1. If the Nanny performs directly (i.e. without mediation and knowledge of Nannies at Night) Babysitting services at a Parent's place or at the Parent's acquaintance, a fine of EUR 500 is payable by the Nanny to Nannies at Night per babysitting service (not performed by a Nanny of Nannies at Night). 
Article 11. Applicable law                                                                                                               
11.1 This agreement is governed by Dutch law. Disputes resulting from or relating to this agreement shall be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.