• Nannies at Night

    The specialist in overnight care

    Nannies at Night is an agency specialised in night-time babysitters. You can count on us for a nanny to watch your child through the night. That means that you can rest easy at night. You can enjoy a good night of rest while the nanny cares for your baby. At night, the nanny is responsible for all the tasks that have to do with your child(ren): rocking, comforting, feeding and changing. So you can start your day fresh and well-rested.

    Our Services

  • Night Nanny

    Our nannies take over the care of your child at night.

    From babies to bigger kids.

    Typically 10pm–7am, but the hours can be adjusted upon consultation.



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    Evening Nanny

    In addition from nights, our Nannies can also care for your child in the evening so you can go out on the town again.


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    Maternity Nanny

    Do you want to be sure that there’s a nanny – whom you’ve already met – available directly after your delivery? That’s possible with our maternity nannies! Our maternity nannies are specialised in newborns, and can take care of your little one during the first two months.


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    Weekend Nanny

    Aching for a weekend away without the kids? Our nannies can take over the care of your child the whole weekend.


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    Business Nanny

    On a business trip with your baby? Book a business nanny, who can care for your baby during your business trip.


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    Travel Nanny

    Want to bring a nanny along on vacation? You’re in luck! Book one of our travel nannies now.


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