• The Night Nanny

    The Night Nanny that’s a good match with your child
    Want to wake up fresh and well-rested at the start of the day? Nannies at Night takes over all the night-time care of your child, so you can refuel with a well-deserved night’s sleep. The Night Nanny is responsible for everything that has to do with caring for your child at night: rocking, comforting, feeding and changing.

    Night Nanny informs you about the night
    After each night, the Night Nanny updates you about how your little one’s night went. For example, the Nanny will monitor at what times and how much your baby drank, how many nappies were changed and if there was any colic. This way, you’ll be well-informed about your child’s night.

    Nannies at Night ensures that your child receives the best care. We personally select our nannies based on their motivation, experience, interests and expertise. And that’s not all. Our Night Nannies are also enrolled in child- or healthcare-related educations and have at least two references. The babysitters must also pass a background check and follow a Baby and Child First Aid certification course.

    Let’s find your Night Nanny together
    We’ll work with you to find the Night Nanny that is the best fit for your child. Before the nanny’s first session at your home, there is always an initial meet-and-greet to get acquainted with your nanny. Such a reassuring feeling.
    You can choose from the following Nannies:


    2 references

    Senior Nanny
    First-aid-to-baby certified
    4 references
    4+ months work experience with us

    Pro Nanny
    6 references
    Final year/diploma in obstetrics,medicines or nursing


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    Corona virus measures
    The Night Nanny remains available for you and your child, if needed. However, we do adhere to a few guidelines to care for your child in a responsible manner. Due to the current circumstances, we also offer both day and night shifts.