• Eef

    Thanks for your interest in Nannies at Night and in my story

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    Welcome to Nannies at Night!


    My name is Eef van Soest and I have been working for Nannies at Night as a nanny since 2017 and will be the point of contact for you from January 2023 together with Chantal.

    I would like to introduce myself to you:


    In 2016 I graduated as a midwife. After completing my midwifery education, I followed a master in Health Sciences at the Free University of Amsterdam. This because of my interest in the field of research, especially the influences of pregnancy on fetus/child and the importance of the first 1000 days.


    After having enjoyed working as a midwife for 4 years in various midwifery activities in Amsterdam/Haarlem, I have decided to concentrate more on the joint aspect of pregnancy (wish), childbirth, postpartum period and new parenthood. I have followed the training as a coach and have been the proud owner of VanSoest Coaching & Development since November 2022.


    Working for Nannies at Might is a fantastic match with my passion to provide parents with the best possible time in the most precious period of their lives and that of their children. A good night's sleep is super important.


    Curious to learn more?

    I would be happy to schedule a personal video intake to discuss our service with you in detail.


    With love,