• Day and Night Nannies for your company


    Have you noticed that your employees or colleagues could use some help to balance work and child(ren)? Then you’ve come to the right place!
    As a company, you want your employees to be able to concentrate well during their work hours, but you also want them to feel seen and understood. In collaboration with Nannies at Night, you can offer our services to your employees, which can result in increased job satisfaction and more efficient employees.

    Whatever the reason that people want to safely hand over the care of their children, our day and night nannies stand at the ready. In the short term, we can ensure better sleep, resulting in a more rested and positive attitude at the office. In the long term, we contribute to happier families, less chance for stress-related complaints and, seeing that children mirror their parents, happier children.


    Want to plan an intake? Have questions? Contact us or schedule a no-strings-attached phone call.


    call/whatsapp: 06 19730327

    mail: welkom@nanniesatnight.com