• Update - 18 August

    The nannies from Nannies at Night will remain available for the time being to support parents where necessary. At this time we offer both day and night shifts.


    Please note: any sign of health issues of the nanny herself or her surroundings and we cancel the night. We offer replacements.



    We request both parents and nannies to carefully follow the guidelines below. If you have any questions or extra (day) requests, please contact us on 06 18461581 or joanne@nanniesatnight.com.

  • Coronavirus: Nannies at Night

    We keep a close eye on the official reporting on the corona virus. We follow the guidelines of the RIVM and GGD and ask nannies and parents to take their responsibility to keep the children and each other healthy. Communicate well with each other about your health prior to a babysitting service.

  • Our guidelines for nannies and ouders

    Stay at home if f you suffer from (mild) health problems  
    • Cold-like symptoms (such as a cold, a runny nose, sneezing, a sore throat)
    • Coughing
    • A temperature up to 38 degrees or a fever above 38 degrees
    • A sudden loss of smell or taste (without a blocked nose)

    When in doubt, consult with parents, nannies and Nannies at Night.

    If the complaints worsen, contact your doctor and Nannies at Night by telephone.

  • Hygiene


    We follow the guidelines of the RIVM to prevent the virus from spreading.

    • we do not shake hands

    • we wash our hands directly by entering your house

    • we wash our hands extra frequently and minimum 20 sec..

    • we sneeze in our elbow

    • we consciously keep our social circle as small as possible

    • we use public transport as little as possible

    • we stay at home with mild health complaints.

    • we check our temperature before a shift

    We stay well informed

    We keep a close eye on the RIVM website with the most up-to-date information about the corona virus and the risk spreads and recommend this to everyone. Changes are tracked through this page.